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One SourceLink targeted direct mail program developed for AlphaGraphics increased response 55%. 2. Embrace new technology. This is hardly new, but early adopters often do gain significant advantages in a market. They learn the way to apply a technology on the business processes with their companies and people of their clients, putting them ahead from the competition. To be certain, it may mean changing the way in which an enterprise works, but as SourceLink found in a program for clothing retailer Eddie Bauer, a whole new technology strategy coordinating direct mail with variable digital printing and virtually identical email inside a campaign resulted in the 60% boost in transactions along with a 65% increase in average order size. 3. Look for first time revenue streams. That's what SourceLink told American Airlines when asked to boost the modern member kit for American's frequent flyer program. So SourceLink dealt with firms for example charge cards, long distance carriers and car rental agencies that will put advertising messages targeted on the characteristics of latest members, using variable data digital printing. 4. Invent new partnerships. When bidding for production in the vehicle registration renewals for any state registry of automobiles, SourceLink avoided antique dealer contest with contenders by flatly stating they would print and distribute the type of material totally free. It's always challenging to argue with free, in order that they got the agreement. Then they went out and sold ad space in most the registration materials to car dealerships and big dealer groups who may make targeted offers based about the form of car someone owned. Variable data digital printing had been accustomed to print the registration documents and also the marketing offers. 5. Be a strategic opportunity specialist. 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Since Hackett's presentation was with the Scitex Digital Printing (SDP) Open House, there have also been opportunity to have a current look in the company's next generation VersaMark inkjet technology and its new RIP from EFI. Samples with this system are actually shown before and every time the high quality has moved up a notch. The latest examples--whether printed on glossy or more basic coated stock--are no exception. The new system produces 15 picoliter ink droplets--with regards to a third the size with the present model's-- resulting in a 300 x 1200 dpi resolution, all while running at its full-rated speed of 2000 impressions for each minute. For print providers with all the volume to guide it, it should certainly be a viable alternative for a substantial quantity of transactional documents that may benefit from transitioning to color. Digital print quality is often a moving target and easy to pick subjective nits about quality. 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